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patacket and hospital ceo. i had a great time. thank you. eric, next year, you are coming with me. >> eric: a wonderful evening and a meaningful cause. >> jamie: it is. have a great day. >> the truth of the matter is, the benghazi, libya consulate was a death trap. >> it is a volatile situation, it is always easier the day after to say how you could have won that football game. but it boils down to, let's get the facts together. >> shannon: lawmakers are not way waiting to spa over the benghazi terror attacks. the questions are mounting: who knew what? when? are politicians playing politics? the mitt momentum, putting him in a dead lite with president obama in a brand brnd national poll. with just over two weeks to go, we will break down the numbers in the key swing states with ed rollins, and karl rove, deputy chief of staff for president
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george w. bush with the white board. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters from the nation's capitol starts right now. the deadly consulate attack in benghazi is sure to be a featured topic in tomorrow's final presidential debate. surrogates from both sides are heating up saying their candidate will be the better commander in chief. john roberts is live in boca raton, florida, the site of the debate. >> reporter: good afternoon. i have never seen a series of debates in my political history that have been as important and moved the numbers like these ones have. tomorrow night, it will be for all the marbles. it is foreign policy, so a lot of topics, expected to come up, iran, china and libbia. the president will be under more pressure to fully explain the shifting positions that his administration took in the days, actually weeks, following that attack before declaring it an
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act of terrorism. the obama campaign says they are going to contrast the president's record on foreign policy in the past four years, with governor romney's trip overseas this past summer. here's david axelrod from this morning. >> they don't want someone who is reckless and consistently wrong on foreign policy issues as governor romney has. we remember his dukes of hazard tour of international destinations over the summer, where he not only roiled the countries not as friendly, but our best ally, britain. >> governor romney, tomorrow night, will turn to his strong point, the economy, linking it with foreign policy, saying you can't have a strong foreign policy without having a strong economy. president obama, over the last couple of days, has been making fun of governor romney's shift to the middle, saying he has rom ne-sia.
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here's what senator marco rubeo had to say to president obama about that earlier today. >> what is your plan? where's the president's plan to save medicare? where's the president's plan on taxes? where's the president's plan on energy? why isn't he talking about those things? >> with the exception of governor romney doing a ceremonial stay on the coin tosh campaigns are hunkered down for tomorrow night. and tuesday starts a two-week, all-out push to get out the vote before the election day. >> reporter: >> shannon: the final sprint. thank you, john. joiningitous discuss what mitt romney needs to do in the debate, ed rollins, republican strategist the federal reagan/bush ticket. this is it. the final debate. ed, what do you think that governor romney needs to bring to the table? we have seen two styles between the first and second debate? >> he needs to be presidential and knowledgeable about the
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inconsistencies in the president's foreign policy, beginning on his apology tour of everything we have ever done in foreign policy. i think this is a president who wants to pretend that terrorism is over. afghanistan is a hot spot. we are struggling. it's been a long siege there. i think the tragedy of a month ago with our ambassador being murdered without an honest explanation because he didn't want to say that terrorism is alaff and well, mr. romney has to press. >> shannon: some think that governor romney could have done a better job with libya and the flub at the last debate, with the assist from the moderator that many felt was an unfair help for the president and maybe not 100% accurate about his words. how does the governor revisit that particular issue, libya -- without hit egg dead horse? >> it is not a dead horse. he goes straight back at him again. i think he was on the right course, to make the charge. candy crowley jumped in and
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basically said, sided with the president, which turned out to be totally inaccurate. it wasn't about this incident this president doesn't want to say that terrorism is alive and well -- and it is! huhe handles that is an indictment of his leadership. he has failed miserably on the economy to lead us back to a good spot. in the international arena, i don't think anybody sees him with straight grengt. what has given america great strength in the past is that we have had strong leadership. today, we don't have that. >> shannon: how much do you think israel will factor into the discussion? >> it's a very serious debate that needs to be had. obviously, israel is our most important ally, it's the true democracy and has been and to a certain extent, we have always wanted to defend them when needed. it is a topic that needs to be discussed. when a country like iran is talking about destroying them, other countries are talking about driving them into the sea.
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we have to stand strong for those people that have been such good alexander lies of ours. >> shannon: we know the focus will be foreign policy, what opportunity do you think the candidates will have to bring in do nestic -- domestic issues, such as the vulnerability of our national debt, gas prices, domestic issues that have a tie to foreign policy? >> obviously, the economy and jobs is the critical thing that the voters are going to vote o. the premise is very accurate. run-away gas prices, $5 in some places, has made us captive to the middle-east for a long, long time. we need to have independent energy policies here. my sense is that it's about strength of leadership. where this president has failed miserably, he is not a leader. there is no discussion in this long campaign with millions of dollars about what an effective leader he has been. this is the first president not argue he's a strong leader. he probably can't because he's
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been a weak leader. >> reporter: >> shannon: his camp says he has the edge with foreign policy experience with dealing with the day in and day out of international relations. how can governor romney make a strong case that he could step in on day one and be ready? >> he lays out the facts. we have an ambassador killed and four weeks later, trying to figure out what the answer is and how it happened and the president and his team going out on national television, saying, it came about because of protesters didn't like a film, which was totally untrue, i don't think that's a good strength position for him to be in. >> shannon: let's talk about style. as we talked about off the top, in the first debate, there was a presence, it was combative at times, physically, in each others' face, do you think -- there is a split of opinion on this, does it make these candidates look tough, aggressive, as you would have to be as president of the united states, or does it look like kids having a fist fight in the
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school yard? which tack do you think they need to take? >> i think the key, is if you can have a debate and argue your points of view, it's more effective behind a podium, having the freedom to wander around the stage and get in each others' face is uncomfortable. but this is about the issues. both men know the issues. one has to defend his positions and the other has to indict him. >> shannon: let's take a quick look at the real clear politics average of the national presidential polls. there is another one today that may not be factored in. but essentially, a dead heat. president obam a47.1% and governor romney 47% tcould not be any closer without being an actual, literal tie. does either one break away? does the final foreign policy debate shift any undecided viewers? >> if i was running the romney campaign, which obviously, i am not and karl rove is a great
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master, we would be very comfortable with the romney campaign and build on it, after tomorrow. i think romney has an opportunity to have a big victory, bigger than the margin shows. this is an indictment of the president. any president dead even with a challenger at this point in time is in big trouble. >> shannon: we thank you for your insight. >> it is your turn to weigh in. what specific foreign policy topics do you want to hear about in the final debate on monday night? tweet us and we will read your responses throughout the show. three-term senator and one-time nominee for the presidency, george mcgovern has died today at his home in south dacoat a. he was surrounded by family and friends. we take a look at the life and legacy of george mcgovern. >> i love the united states, but i love it enough to see some changes made. the american people want to believe in their government.
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they want to believe in their country, iing would like to be one of those who provides the leadership that would help restore that. >> reporter: gorge mcgallon ofr gallon will be remembered an as orator for peace and a nominee for president who lost in a landslide. but he made massive improvements for rural americans in farming and world hunger. >> if you grow up out of the great plains, have you to live with the philosophy that next year's going to be better. you can't survive any other way. >> reporter: hailing from south dakota, he was a quiet kid who found his voice in the high school debate team. his award-winning speeches would serve him well as a united states representative in 1957. after a failed bid for the u.s. senate, he became a special assistant to president john f. kennedy and focused on kennedy's high priority, food for peace
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program, to operate in more than a dozen countries by the time mcgovern left to run for senate in 1962. he won and as a senator, mcgovern would be known for his growing contempt for the vietnam war. >> the first time i spoke against vietnam, my son was then 9 years o he is now 19. and faced with the draft. it never occurred to me when i started speak out against that war that would would some day catch my own son. >> reporter: he voted in favor of the 1964 gallon ofu guff of tonken situation, which narcoticked action in vietnam and regretted it bitterly. he became more and more adamant that the solution was political, not military. by 1972, as mcgovern accepted the democratic nomination for president. as 3:00 a.m., his platform revolved around an appeal for
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withdrawal. >> come home, america. come home to the affirmation that we have a dream. equal home to the conviction -- >> i knew that he had 75 or 80 million people watching the convention. i was probably lucky if hi2 million people watching at 2:30 in the morning. we did very well in guam, as i recall. we were on in prime time. that was the only place where it was well timed. >> reporter: after nixon brutally defeated him in the general election, he it his senate re-election bid and left congress in 1981. a failed run for the democratic nomination in '84 saw him return to private life for good. but he remained politically relevant, moving in and out of think tanks and was an ambassador to the u.n. food program. he said that politics wasap act of faith the. he joked his political timing was off, but he deepened that spiritual relationship with a
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country he loved until the day he died. bret baier, fox news. >> shannon: a 17th century mohawk indian has become the first native american saint, canonized by pope ben dectet, propelled sainthood after a five-year-old boy suffering from a flesh-eating bacterial infection survived, his pointers say he was near death and they pray to the native american catholic and the boy was secure cured. presidential candidates have 16 days left to influence the voters. china is likely to be a hot topic. they own most of our $16 trillion debt. how much do we have to fear from china economically? and millitarily? we will talk to a u.s./china relations expert, congressman chris myth, up next. both the obama and romney campaigns are zeroing in women voters. why female voters could be so important and what issues they really do care about most.
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>> shannon: remember that? the controversial ad with a beijing classroom in 2030 and a chinese professor gloating about owning america. citizens against government wastrelsed that ad before the mid-term elections in 2010. now it is re-releasing it, among with the americans for prosperity foundation. the group says it's meant to draw attention to what they call out-of-control deficit spending and the dangers of the national debt. china is the largest foreign holder of u.s. debt, a topic likely to come up in the foreign policy debate. governor romney says that president obama has been soft on china and the president says the former business executive is the last person to get tough on beijing. we have chris smith, a member of the house foreign affairs committee, who does quite a bit of work with china and our
9:19 am
interests there. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: this came up a lot in the last debate. i want to play what governor romney had to say about our current relationship with china. >> we lose sales and manufacturers here in the u.s. making the same products can't compete. china has been a currency manipulator for years and years and years. and the president has a regular opportunity to -- to label them as a currency manipulator and refuses to do so. >> shannon: trade issues, intellectual property hacking, what occurrence you most about our relationship with china? >> unfortunately, under the obama administration, we have had a numbing indifference toward human rights. we have -- they have people getting 10 to 50 cents for hour, now occupational or safety protections. how do u.s. workers who can out-compete anybody in the world, compete with that exploitation? and this administration has been almost completely awol when tao
9:20 am
came in and the incoming president came in and met very small obligatory, no statements, regarding human rights. i have chaired 41 congressional hearings in china. if you get the human rights piece right, you are more likely to get the intellectual property rights and the copyright infringement and foreign sources, which china is the magnate on the earth. and as governor romney pointed out so well, every year, every six months, where the congress debate could name china as a currency manipulator, it has failed to do so. numbing indifference toward human rights. even our secretary of state said on her first trip to china, she wasn't going to, quote, interfere with the luman rights and let that issue interfere with the global chiement change issues and the debt.
9:21 am
the washington post nailed it on january 19, 2011, after tao kaim into the u.s. and met with the president and said that president obama makes tao look good on rights. he offered excuses for the dictatorship, rather than in a prince pelled, civil way, saying we stand with the oppressed, not with the oppressor. i believe that mitt romney will speak out boldly and effectively on behalf of -- or against human right abuses. >> shannon: the president says he has been tough on china. let's play a little bit of what he had to say. >> when he talks about getting tough on china, keep in mind that governor romney invested in companies that were pioneers of outsourcing to china and is currently investing in countries -- in companies that are building surveillance equipment for china to spy on its own folks. that's -- governor, you are the
9:22 am
last person who is going to get tough on china. >> shannon: the president says they have taken a high number of trade cases to the world health organization. >> they have taken some. but the most unfair trading practice of all -- and this should be investigated -- and they have not -- the exploitation of labor. if you pay people next to nothing, and in many case, the chinese people are fighting against this, incurring tort and you are jail, trying to organize, have collective areg bargaining, there are strikes in china -- crushed by the secret police as soon as they start. and so, again, you have to focus on that piece. the human rights piece, not just me. i talked to the human rights activists in the united states. they are so disappointed in obama. he had an opportunity as the nobel peace prize winner, to talk on behalf of leo shobow. i nominated him -- he's still in
9:23 am
prison. there's the president of the united states, yes, he should meet with the president of china. but lavishing him with praise, when he is the jailer of the current nobel peace prize winner, languishing in prison. >> shannon: we know have you fought long and hard for human rights issues in china. we will see what the candidates have to say tomorrow night. both presidential candidates are gunning for the women's vote, especially in the swing states, up next, a fair and balanced debate with two of our favorite experts. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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>> shannon: the forker attack in benghazi that left four americans dead is likely to be a flashpoint in tomorrow night's presidential debate. today, the debate raged on over the obama administration's a-before and after that deadly assault. in a renewed state document
9:28 am
releasessed by two congressmen. >> both republicans and democrats were ready with their arguments on libbia. republicans pressing their case that the obama administration was relukt apt to sppd to the assault as a terror attack. here's how one g.o.p. senator explains it. >> one of the narratives that the obama campaign laid out is that bin laden is dead. they bragged about that forever and al qaeda is in retreat. you start to wonder, they are saying, dont allow any story to emerge that counters that narrative. is that why for two weeks they told us the libyan event was a popular uprising issue not a terror attack? because it ran counter to their campaign narrative? >> president obama no locker says that al qaeda is on the run or in retreat. democrats are pushing back against republicans, saying republicans should let the event play out and they are criticizing darrell issa, chairman of the house oversight committee, for releasing state
9:29 am
documents relate to the attack, showing that officials in libya, including the ambassador, were very concerned about the security situation. but democrats are pointing to the names of libyan nationals, mentioned in the document. >> chairman issa in the house on the republican side, released a reef of documents that he asked for that included the names of people on the ground in libya who are cooperating with us and helping us on the security issue, jeopardizing their lives, carelessly,utting them at risk, tulle score political points in the if i'm weeks before an election. that's disgraceful. >> reporter: congressman issa's team says the documents were given to state officials and members of congress two weeks ago, and there were no requests by the state department to redact any names. >> shannon: keep it here on the fox nume for the latest on libya investigation. coming up at 3:00 and 10:00
9:30 am
eastern, do you not want to miss bret baier's special, debt and deceit in benghazi. bret sat down for an exclusive interview with the site security team. the women's vote is shaping up to be critical to the election. nowhere more so than in itsup swing states. a recent "usa today" poll though shows that governor romney has closed a 14-point gender gap with likely women voters in swing states. one point separates them. we have a panel here. >> thank you, shannon. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: in your estimation, which issues matter most to women in this presidential election? >> there is no question, women, like all voters, care most about the economy, hands down. it's that simple. what is interesting is, you know, i think matters of
9:31 am
preproductive choice, choice and access to contraceptive rights are not usually the thing that are at the forefront of most women voters, even one who is care passionately about being a pro-choice country. but when those rights seem threatened, those issues rise to the fore. so i think that's why we are starting to see more and more women, democrats and republican women, concerned about it and wanting clarity from mitt romney's continually shifting position, which is i think is scary to a lot of women. >> shannon: are the reproductive rights under threat under governor romney. >> they certainly are want. that's code for free birth control pills. i hate to inform the obama administration, women are not concerned about free birth control, they are concerned about who is going to create jobs. the numbers are moving towards governor romney's direction in the key battleground states. i spent several days in ohio, speaking with women, undecided
9:32 am
women and women who have made up their mind, 75% of the folks are saying they are going to vote on their pocketbook, job and it is economy. that's the number-1 issue for women. they trust mitt romney to turn the economy around and create jobs. his five-point plan will create 12 million jobs. we have seen policies of the obama administration have failed to make things better for americans. and american issues are women's issues. women want things to turn around. >> shannon: sally, let's look at ohio. we have a brand-new fox news poll on friday, it says among likely women voters, the president maintains a steb-point advantage there, 49-39%, but other states, it is tighter. florida, likely female voters, 47-46, a 1-point advantage to the president. how does he close up with women where he has lost ground, is it possible in the last debate or last two weeks? >> yeah. there are two aspects to this. the president has to explain
9:33 am
what he has done and how he has made the economy better. not perfect. not great. we are not where we want it to be. but the fact is, more women are employed now than when the president took office and there have been 31 straight months of private-sector job growth. the idea that things are getting worse is just not true. but the thing is, you can't run against something with nothing. and part of what the problem continues to be for mitt romney, he refuses to tell women -- he refuses to tell any voters what he would do differently and dangles things like, i am going on cut taxes for the rich and said, no, no, i didn't mean that. it's very hard for voters to decide that they are going to support someone when they don't know where he stands and what he dolled differently. >> shannon: alice, final word to you? >> with concerned women for america, we have conducted a poll that shows that women are bridging the gap with romney. and they support his plan -- everyone talks about he doesn't have a plan.
9:34 am
he has talked repeatedly about the five-point plan to turn the economy around. under president obama, we have 5.5 million americans out of jobs. in his own white house, he talks about equal pay, his own white house, women in his administration make 18% less than men. he can't even carry out in his own white house what high hee is take talking about. women have suffered under the obama administration, we need someone like mitt romney who will help women prosper and help americans prosper. he doll that, creatingionsions d turning the economy around. that's why the gap on the so-called gender gap is closing. people trust governor romny and his plan to turn things around for the middle class, make things better for the middle class, to help families and women in general. >> shannon: i can see you are not going to agree on anything. but you disagree. so thank you both for your time. >> everybody should vote. thank you.
9:35 am
>> shannon: absolutely. governor romney has been getting a lot of heat for his binders full of women comment. we tracked down a woman who said she was hired because of what was in those binders. jack, you're a little boring.
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9:40 am
us live. mayor, thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> shannon: the president has been criticized in the first two debates to talk more about his plans for the future, looking ahead, his vision for the second term. how does he accomplish that in the remaining days? >> pat's been talking about that and doing that for four years. he will stay focused. we will make things in america. the president stood up and saved the auto industry and will keep focused on manufacturing. we will invest in the infrastructure, that means we will continue to build the roads and the bridges and the technology infrastructure we need. we'll invest newscast people. the dollars in minneapolis, i have been able to use from the federal stimulus will be the ones that help us retrain workers. and the president's going to continue to focus on the places where wee he had had success. we are on a track to double the amount of exports in this country, that's hugely successful. you know, it's really been helpful for small businesses as well. finally, we are going to have a
9:41 am
tax plan that is fair for everyone. we will ask those at the top to pay a little more and keep the taxes down on the middle class and the small business, where the president has given, i think 18 tax cuts to small business. that will all be part of a second-term agenda that will be about fairness. so the first thing he signed was equal pay for women. romney can't commit to that. but president obama certainly will continue that work. >> shannon: let's talk taxes. you talk about raising the percentages or at least the amount that top earners would pay. a number of non-partisan fact checking organizations say if you tax the top earners at 100%, it wouldn't make a dent in where we are. as part of that conversation, where do we cut back in where do we cut waste, cut programs that are spending our tax dollars in inefficient ways? >> you are making a really good point because government shouldn't be just about spending. that's what i have to do as mayor and that's what the
9:42 am
president has done. he walked into a crisis where the economy was in collapse and spending had to take place because president economy stimulated, 31 straight months of private sector job growth proves that worked. but the president will continue to go for efficiencies and making everything as efficient as possible. there are a couple of big places to stop spending. thankfully, the president has gotten us out of iraq so we can bring those dollars and the dollars winding down in afghanistan, back home to be used to rebuild the economy and to help balance the budget. >> it fair to talk about the impact of -- the financial impact of winding down the wars overseas, when they were factored into budgetary negotiations and plans moving forward? that's not found money? >> it is extremely important to talk about that in an election because the president has delivered on his promise to get us out of the iraq fiasco that was draining our economy. it is important to think about this in the foreign policy
9:43 am
because mitt romney seems to be... gunning, banging the drums of war. i think we have to ask that question because we cannot afford another ill-advised advantage like iraq. the president has been about diplomacy and trying to bring this world together in some way. a war is deeply costly on a human level. and frankly, it's very costly in -- extraordinarily so in the case of iraq. we can't afford more misadventures like that. >> shannon: at what point do we acknowledge that diplomacy may not be working? and what is the cost of allowing iran to get nuclear weapons? >> it's very true that foreign policy needs to balance tough action with diplomacy. the president, no one can question whether he has taken tough action, bin laden is one example and all the other work against al qaeda leadership and a very controversial use of drones, has been about the fact that we are in a tough world and
9:44 am
we have to be tough. but have you to recognize, i think iraq is a great example, that it is important to find ways that we can come together. you know, if you get mad at your neighbor, you can throw eggs at your house, but sometimes you try to talk to them. now, the world's a lot more dangerous than our neighbors. so the president has a cool head, who will have diplomacy. i think, sadly, he is running against someone who can't go to the olympics without creating an international incident. the president has been able to get -- get partnerships around the globe. i don't think the american people, while we are leaders in the world and should continue always to be, the american people should not be the ones paying for in the pocketbook and with our lives, all of the challenges around the world. we need partnerships and that's important. >> shannon: both candidates will get to talk about that tomorrow night. minneapolis mayor, and vice chair of the dnc, thank you, sir, for your time. >> thank you.
9:45 am
>> i want to a number of women's groups said can you help us find folks? they brought us binders full of women. >> shannon: that debate answer came in a question about equal pay for women. that has gotten a lot of media attention, the phrase "binders full of women" trended on twitter and was the is the of a facebook page with more than 350,000 likes. the romney campaign said he was being honest and in-artful. but he did pore three binders of resumes to fill his administration with qualified women. we tracked down one of the women who was hired because of what was in the infamous binders, elizabeth childs. >> if i am a binder girl, i am proud of it. i know that governor romney is a fabulous person to hire and run an organization and business and government. i am sure that he looked for people of all kinds and all walks of life. he brought people in --
9:46 am
>> shannon: she went on to say that the governor was a great person to work for and is very respectful of women. coming up in the second hour of america's news headquarters... >> two down, one to go. karl rove will join us live on the eve of the last presidential debate. conservative politics stir controversy in two of america's universities. later on, a pro-life instructor who said she was passed over promotion because of her personal politics three times. another woman said she was placed on leave for signing a petition to get the same-sex marriage issue onto a state ballot. she had it all, depression and self-destruction. the singer says faith is getting him back together. we have that inspirational story coming up in hour two of america's news headquarters.
9:47 am
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9:50 am
>> these acts of terrorism have to be understood as part of living in a dangerous world. let's gath are the evidence and make sure we understand exactly what did occur. >> we should have closed that
9:51 am
consulate long before september 11 oh heavily reinforced it. i put that on the president of the united states. >> shannon: the debate before the debate. this morning on fox news sunday, two key senators sat down with chris wallace to discuss the obama administration's handling. deadly attack in libya. i sat down with chris for an inside look at this week's show. chris, every day, there are new questions about libya -- what happened, what the administration knew, who knew within the administration. hutwo key senators to debate that and where we go from here. >> our preview of the presidential debate on foreign policy tomorrow. watch today. you don't need to watch those guys tomorrow. it was lindsay graham and dick durbin. it was very interesting. two issues. the first issue, what did they know beforehand? that's what matters because if they had protected them more or gotten them out of benghazi, they wouldn't have gotten killed. with lindsay graham with a very strong view. he says there is no way the
9:52 am
president couldn't have known -- not the details of the security? benghazi, but the fact it was a dangerous place and the fact that most of the western -- other western countries had pulled out of benghazi. and he said, why didn't they do more? interestingly, dick durbin is relying on the investigation and saying, let's wait and find out and not rush to judgment. skeptics would say, that will come out two weeks after the election. >> shannon: there are a number of investigations underway. as you said, a lot of people think the timeline is going to -- fly right past what we did know, but tomorrow night, there will probably be a lot of discussion of this and other issues as well. how tough do you think romney needs to be on the president or do you think that that is a potential -- something that could blow up in his face, if he appears to be harping this, too hard? >> we talked about that in the panel. bill kristol with a preto smart sense of what plays and what doesn't eye will give what you he said -- that he doesn't think
9:53 am
that romney should play prosecutor and thinks that romney did that too much in the second debate. what he said is that romney needs to come off as more presidential as the president, big picture. he can say that this is indicative of an administration, failure and that al qaeda is not on the run and in fact, they are resurging in places like iraq and libya and a variety of other places around the world. but to get into litigating who said what on what date is beneath a president, or beneath a man who wants to be president. i don't think it's bad advice. >> shannon: there was a lot of advice on the panel. a great panel, as always. something folks won't want to miss. a good insider chat with the gallup polling organization. they have come under fire for being an outlier. it's a very interesting discussion. thank you for the preview. >> you bet. >> shannon: you can watch the exclusive interviews with senators dick durb and i know
9:54 am
lindsay graham and his interview with gallup's editor in chief, frank newport on fox news sunday, airing at 2:00 and 6:00, eastern. here's a question: would you pay to see a robot squirrel fight a live rattlesnake? guess what! it's happening. did you pay for t. american taxpayer dollars at work. the latest report on government waste, it involves robo-squirrel, right after the break. i'm freaking out man. why? i thought jill was your soul mate. no, no it's her dad. the general's your soul mate? dude what? no, no, no. he's, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry. e-trade's got a killer investing dashboard. everything is on one page, your investments, quotes, research... it's like the buffet last night. whatever helps you understand man. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watching you, watching him. [ male announcer ] try the e-trade 360 investing dashboard.
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9:58 am
>> with the economy and many americans struggling, seeing tax dollars spent unwisely is unnerving. some of the most wasteful spending in 2012. >> a sign of poor leadership. >> dr. tom coburn says his annual waste book proves americans haven't cut back. as the national debt skyrockets taxpayer dollars are spent on a $325,000 grant to build robo squirrel. a robotic rodent designed to test the interaction between a rattlesnake and robo squirrel. nasa has no plans nor spaceflight to mars but they've developed the mars menu, a variety of foods humans could eat if on mars. then the nearly $700,000 grant
9:59 am
for development of a musical about global warming. when it opened in kansas city, a reviewer said he learned nothing new and it sounded like wikipedia entry set to music and it included the flying monkey poop. >> we're proud it's in kansas city. >> they say there's no way to justify the expense. >> you're borrowing against your children's future. it's outrageous and it's not hard to solve. we have career politician to say refused to their job. >> the report outfraud and abuse. in florida, a exotic dancer took in $85,000 in tips and collected nearly $1,000 a month in food stamps while spending $9,000 on cosmetic especially hans. the cost to produce a penny in
10:00 am
2012 is more than two times the value so taxpayers cover a $70 million loss. >> the reason we put the waste book out is so people, average every day americans having to make tough decisions, can see the federal government isn't making tough decisions. >> coburn, often referred to as dr. no, because of his refusal to vote for spending because of no reef knew outsource, says congress is to blame for every item this year's waste book. this is a failed presidential leadership. >> the president has been a strong, steady leader. >> what happened in benghazi is a case study failure in every stage. >> they're engaged in a comprehensive investigation. >> the debate before the debate. foreign policy was the focus on the sunday talk shows today just as they will for the presidential candidates in florida tomorrow night. among the several hot button
10:01 am
issues, benghazi, and lawmakers dissected the breakdown on the eve of the face-off. hour number 2 of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we begin with live team coverage. molly henneberg in washington with the latest on the benghazi investigation and john roberts in boca raton with a preview of the foreign policy matchup. >> this may be a forte to the presidential debate, debating the observe administration handle be of the benghazi attack. one saying they should have seen the they were vulnerable. >> additional security was denied because we wanted to
10:02 am
normalize. we should have close the consulate or heavily reinforced it and i put it on the president of the united states. it was a national security break down before, during and after the attack. >> the obama administration says there was no action able intelligence. democrats point to state department documents released friday by republican congressman darrell issa, chairman of the house oversight committee. democrats say the move endangered the libyan nationals mentioned in the documents to score political points here at home. >> let's make sure we understand exactly what did occur. but jumping to conclusions, i think darrell issa does a documentary dump on his website of sensitive information about those in libya who were helping keep america safe. it shows the lengths many go to to politicize the situation. >> and aide says all the
10:03 am
documents from unclassified and charged the democrats are trying to create a distraction to protect the president. thank you very much. tune in at 3:00 and 10:00 eastern today to catch the special, death and dedeet in benghazi. brett takes a closer look into the timeline of what happened with all kinds of details and facts you don't want to miss. the politics surrounding the terror attack in libya are in the spotlight monday. john roberts is live in florida, the site of the final matchup. >> good afternoon. usually when it comes to policy, domestic trumps foreign policy for voters as to who they want for president but tomorrow's important. the debates have been moving numbers and people are looking for a comfort level so they'll look to the candidates to see which they would rather have as commander in chief.
10:04 am
at the last debate as governor romney made a point about libya, he was interpreted which people thought led to a missed opportunity. tomorrow he's expected to press the president for explanations as to why the administration made the attack about a video rather than reinstituting al-qaeda in north africa. here's senator marco rubio from earlier today. >> from the early days of that attack it was apparent this was not just a popular uprising. in libya there were no record of popular uprising against the united states. they're highly regarded in libya. particularly in benghazi. >> now, while the white house has yet to fully explain why embassador rice went on television to say it was as a result of a demonstration over that video, the obama campaign says no we were not trying to deflect from the idea of al-qaeda gaining strength.
10:05 am
i think that's nonsense. obviously this was a tragic event and the president called it an act of terror, not once but several times, and asked for and ordered an investigation to get to the bottom of what happened, why it happened and to bring those who committed this act of terror to justice. >> now, when you look at practical experience, it could be difficult for governor romney because he has less practical foreign policy experience than the president. what he will try to do, according to campaign sources, to overcome that it bring it back to the economy stating in order to have a strong foreign policy, in order to have a strong military, you have to have a strong economy and we just don't have one right now. john roberts, in florida. thank you, john. tomorrow the candidates will make their final pitch to undecided voters in the final debate of the election season. polls show a closer than ever
10:06 am
race. is the real clear politics average, virtually a tie. 47% to 47.1%. former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff karl rove joins us now. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> every day a new poll. multiple new polls. what stands out over the last couple of days? >> well, first of all, let's try to give this context. you just touched on it. tied in a real clear politics average. where were we in 2008? barack obama up 6.4% over senator john mccain on the 20th of october. if you look at president obama today, tied, he was -- the 2008, he had among an average of all the polls, 7.2%. at this point in 2004, in a
10:07 am
close election, president bush had a 2.8% so president obama is not only behind his performance from four years ago but dangerously he's running behind where an incumbent ran eight years ago. i say that because we look at these numbers, one number to look at in particular is the president's number and is it at or above consistently at or above 50%, if anyone has led in a gallup likely voter poll in october with 50% or more, that candidate to leads with 50% or more has won. for the incumbent to be below 50 and his challenger to be above 50 and for the two of them in real clear politics to be tied, that's not good for the incumbent. >> what do you make of the heat they're taking? they've been called an outliar, folks accuse them of their methodology being off or they wouldn't be so far off of where
10:08 am
rasmussen is. >> rasmussen has shown a 1 or 2-point lead. the reality is in between. we endow them with a precision they don't have. look at the general movement and the general movement offer the last couple weeks has been in governor romney's advantage. every monday we go over the previous week's polls. last week 20 some odd states moved in governor romney's correction. i suspect tomorrow a number of other states will continue. florida, thursday, friday, saturday there were five polls, governor romney led in four out of five. ohio, governor romney is there a couple of points behind, one or two points behind in the recent polling. this was a state that president obama's campaign was saying not long ago was comfortablely in double digits and a big lead for
10:09 am
president obama and even they admitted it's a horse race. they dramatically increased their television in ohio in the last week in order to muscle up in a state that not long ago they said was settled and over and done. >> specifically our fox news polling on friday did give the advantage to governor romney in florida. three-point advantage remaining for the president in ohio. we see the number close up. it's tighter than it's been. what has to happen? you mentioned ads are up, spending is up for romney in ohio. what do they do to peak at the right moment? is it possible, with the data we have, to win ohio? >> sure, sure it is. ohio's up for grabs for both camps. the quality of the closing message for each side will matter. both sides are grappling with what that ought to be. the obama campaign has been running a negative barrage of
10:10 am
ads against governor romney until last week. they surprisingly pulled out the ads. i suspect the reason they went with a group of ads to puff up the president was they saw they no longer affected governor romney's negatives and were driving up their own. people were sick and tired of the president's campaign beating up on governor romney and the obama campaign changed dramatically in their ads. it's interesting to see what happens on tuesday after the debate. tuesday and wednesday, both sides will introduce what are going to be the first of their closing messages. they'll have 14 days to deliver them. they'll be able to stuff maybe three ads during that period of time. that means they've got to come up with 225 words that will encapsulated, summarize their clothing -- closing argument. >> we're almost out of time. i want to ask about the idea of
10:11 am
these national polls, "wall street journal" has one today. but we're talking about the electoral college and you were brill lent breaking down the numbers. the. >> the fact is comes down to 10 or 15 states, how do the candidates capitalize on that in the final stretch? >> they spend a lot of times in the states they consider most important. the real clear politics average, the battleground states, all won by president obama in 2008, governor romney leads in new hampshire, colorado, north carolina and florida and ohio is a 1.2% advantage in the real clear politics average for president obama. i suspect we'll see governor romney reinforce florida, maybe try to reinforce new hampshire but i expected to him spend time in ohio, wisconsin, iowa and
10:12 am
nevada. these states could be very, very key to the election. president obama needs to win -- needs to break governor romney's momentum by keeping him from winning ohio and one other state. north carolina, florida, indiana, and virginia are all floating back into the republican column. he has to make his fight in ohio then stop governor romney from getting one more state to win the electoral college. >> karl, always good to see you, thank you. >> ahead of tomorrow's debate we've been asking what specific foreign policy topics do you want to hear about monday? you came through with a wave of responses. larry says, he wants to know if iran launches a nuclear attack against israel, how will the u.s. respond? another asks if we don't take care of our economics, how can we influence the rest of the world? still time to weigh in.
10:13 am
tweet your answers to@anhqc. former senator george mcgovern passed away this week surrounded by family and friends in south dakota. peter doocy joins us with the live and legacy of the three time senator and one time nominee for president. >> george mcgovern lost the 1972 election to richard nixon by more than 500 electoral votes but in 2006, president clinton said is in the history of american politics, i believe no other presidential candidate ever had such enduring impact in defeat. the mcgovern family says we're blessed to know or father lived a productive life.
10:14 am
>> during world war ii, mcgovern was a bomber pilot. in 1962, a decade later, he was the democratic party nominee for president. >> i love the united states. but i love it enough so i wanted to say some changes made. american people want to believe in their government. they want to believe in their country. i would like to be one of those that provides the kind of leadership that would help restore that kind of faith. >> the senator from south dakota, george mcgovern, 1972 campaign was rocked by the revelation his running mate was treated for depression with electroshock therapy so he was dropped and sargent shriver added to the ticket and the platform surrounded withdrawalling from vietnam.
10:15 am
>> i knew that we had 75 or 80 million people out there watching the convention during the horseplay time. i was probably lucky if i had 2 million people watching at 2:30 in the morning. we did well in guam. we were on in prime time. that was about the only place where it was well-timed. >> the family tells us the long-time senator died peacefully and services will be in south dakota. >> he's well-respected for his service to this country in the war and on the hill. a lot to remember there. coming up, two controversial cases of political backlash against conservatives in higher education. a professor in iowa was passed over for promotions because of pro-life believes. in washington, an administrator on leave for signing a petition on gay marriage.
10:16 am
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a part time law school instructor was passed over for a full-time position three times because of her pro-life gak
10:20 am
background. a jury heard her case. >> it's illegal. it's improper. and you're protected by the first amendment. >> attorney teresa wagner who worked with the national right to life committee says that conservative background cost her a job three times at the university of iowa law school. wagner, a graduate of the school, was working part time as an structure in 2006 when she first applied for a full-time position. the job went to a lesser qualified but liberal candidate and she believes her personal politics were used against her, something the school denies. the two sides are battling in federal court. wagner's legal team introduced a email from a law professor to the dean saying one things that worries me is some people may aren't opposed to her because
10:21 am
they despise her politics and activism about it. school officials say that wasn't the case and wagner bungled her interview. >> we'll show she didn't. the interesting thing is the videotape of her interview got erased. >> school officials admitted under oath the tape was erased but didn't explain why or when. numerous faculty members took the stand to support the school, others to sing wagner's praises, one suggesting the school is suggesting he was the subject of a sexual misconduct investigation showing how low the university will stoop in retaliating against employees. >> my client, because she's a staunch conservative republican, didn't get a job with the university of iowa college of law. the faculty totally liberal, discussed her politics on the day of the vote. >> the jury in that case is expected to deliberate as early
10:22 am
as monday. there's another showdown over conservative politics and higher education in washington. angela mccaskill, gallaudet university, was placed on leave after officials discovered she signed a petition at church to put the issue of same-sex marriage on the ballot in maryland. tony perkins says it's a perfect example of intolerance in the name of tolerance. he joins us today live. >> good morning. >> what do you make of this case and the fact she signed a petition that doesn't say whether you're for or against same-sex marriage but i want it on the ballot. >> it shows the hypocrisy in the academic world where they scream for tolerance but there's no tolerance for those who don't abide by the literal line of thinking. >> i want to read a statement from the president of the university to make sure we have them represented. he said i'm sending this communication to indicate gallaudet university would like
10:23 am
to work with its chief diversity officer to enable her to return to the community from her administrative leave. she has been and can continue to be a valued member of the community and we are interested in working with everyone to come to a shared solution. >> if she apologizes and says i wouldn't support traditional marriage. this should be frighten to go every american. it's not just the freedom of speech, it's the ability to hold a job if you don't go along with the liberal line of thinking. this is not just about the marriage alter for same-sex couples. it's about altering the fundamental rights of americans, freedom of speech and religion. it's unfolding right before our eyes. >> it's interesting to see people from all over the political spectrum come to her defense and say whether you agree or not, this is the united
10:24 am
states of america. and the first amendment and freedom of association and religion are very important. >> this is terrible from the other side's speculative, those trying to redefine marriage. this is the stuff they want bottled up until marriage laws are changed. they want -- even in this case the governor pushed forward when they introduced it to the legislature in maryland, they ensured religious freedom would be protected. when americans are forced down the isle of same marriage that's no protection for the freedom of speech. here, again, this is not an isolated case, someone else's livelihood is put at stake because they exercise their rights as an american. >> what do you say to those concerned. the chief diversity officer at gallaudet university where there's a vibrant and very full lgbt community and those who say
10:25 am
we're worried she's not going to help us as students and represent you as treat us well. >> the irony is she's the chief diversity officer and influential officer. her record as i understand has been without question and that she has sought to include everyone in the community. let's be clear, everybody has fundamental basic rights but that does not include the right to redefine marriage or take away other citizens's ability to participate in the process. this is an organized effort to intimidate and scare people from simply signing a petition, voting in an election, to uphold the natural and traditional definition of marriage. regardless of what side people may be on, for or against same-sex marriage, what is in the crosshairs are fundamental, basic rights as americans. the freedom of speech and the
10:26 am
freedom of religion. >> how far do you think that could go, the -- that an employer doesn't agree. >> this is a pr nightmare for those trying to redefine marriage. dr. mccass kel is a 23 year veteran on staff. the first deaf african-american woman to secure a doctorate degree at gallaudet university. she has a stellar record and now simply because at her church she signed a petition to allow the citizens of maryland -- and she was one of over 200,000 that signed the petitions, saying let the people vote on something as fundamental at marriage and now, her job is in jeopardy. >> i would think with 200,000 people having signed that petition, there are others worried about what will happen in their workplace because the names are public. >> that's true. it's happened in washington state, it's happened in maine, happened in california with prop 8. you see those who take a stand
10:27 am
for traditional marriage, there's an effort to intimidate and scare them. reports of people in maryland whose names were released and put on a website, people drive on to their yards and call them bigots and homophobes but the american people -- public is smarter than that. the marriage amendment in the states that had them, the 29 states, 30 states have had marriage amendments, have on average underpolled 7 to 8% because people are catching on to the intimidation. when they have the security of a ballot box they vote their conscience. >> we should all be free to do that. tony perkins, always good to see you. >> thank you. we're getting breaking news word of a shooting in a brookfield wisconsin salon. a manager at a mall tells us a woman in a salon in brookfield ran over to the mall. she said her father or
10:28 am
stepfather was the shooter. she said there were several victims who had been shot. she did not know in if anyone was killed. we'll follow this story and get you as much information as we can. a shooting in brookfield, wisconsin, reportedly several victims. republicans say president obama failed on foreign policy during his first term and that claim gains steam after the controversy in libya heats up. >> next, senator about a barrasso joins us live. ♪ what are you doing? uh. who taught you how to do this stuff?
10:29 am
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we're getting breaking news. word from initials jordan they foiled an attack by a group related to al-qaeda. apparently a group of 11 militants, a cell watching. they thought there would be an
10:33 am
attempt suicide attack at shopping malls and western diplomats. we're working on that but it's coming with a lot of detail from state tv in jordan. they've broken up a group of 11 militants linked to al-qaeda. the plan was to blow up some shopping malls or set off explosions. with that distraction in place, carry out attempted suicide bombings and assassinations of foreign diplomats in the area. as we get this confirmed at fox and get more information, we'll let you know. monday is the final presidential debate before the voters head to the polls. the focus is on foreign affairs. the attack on the u.s. embassy on libya will get a lot of attention. joining us, senator barrasso from wyoming. thank you for making time for us today. >> great to be with you. >> you had strong words weeks ago but what you thought happened in libya and the aftermath. now that we have more information, you've been
10:34 am
briefed. what do you think happened and specifically to how the administration handled the aftermath of the attack that left four americans dead. >> there's been a coverup by this administration. the administration has lots to explain in terms of what happened before the attack, the day of the attack, and after the attack that claimed the lives of four very brave americans. people saw this attack coming. the british pulled their people out of benghazi, the red cross pulled out. there was an attack on us in benghazi and yet the -- and these people were asking for more security and they gave hazardous duty pay but not more security. it took two weeks for the president, even when he when on the view and talked about it not saying it was an act of terrorism against the united states on 9/11. it was the first time a president in 20 years went to the u.n. and didn't meet with other foreign leaders. >> let's talk about the front
10:35 am
half of this equation, what we knew about what was going on before the attack. you mentioned the request for security. there were concerns from a number of folks in various parts of libya that there were problems, that they needed additional security. is it fair to say the president knew, that secretary clinton knew. would those decisions have gone to those lawmakers? >> you interviewed john sununu who talked about that chain of command and the daily security briefs. clearly the administration had to know. these -- the documents that have been released show that the requests were coming up in from the embassador asking for additional security. they saw this coming. and we know that with the documentation. whether the president knew or not, the president should have been known. i cannot imagine step-by-step requests at higher levels say we need help. please do something. britain has come out. the red cross have come out yet the president not knowing. >> now the aftermath.
10:36 am
you're not the only one to use the words coverup. it is a strong charge to make against a sitting administration. tomorrow night in the debate, it's going to be talked about. how does governor romney handle this topic without seeming overly combative? does he nail down the president on the misstep, the discussion about when he called it terrorism. was he specifically talking about benghazi. >> i would call for the president's entire policy. you can't believe the promises he makes for the future because of the past. he says we'll hit the reset button for russia. that's failed. they pulled out of an agreement in place for 20 years. radio of america -- or the radio station broadcast in russia have been canceled with voice of america. you look at that, that's failed. what the president said with iran four years ago, iran has
10:37 am
four times as much nuclear material now than they had four years ago. with israel, we're in the rockiest position we've with been in 30 years. what you see across the middle east and what you just reported on in jordan, al-qaeda is not on the run, they're on the attack and they're attacking us in other locations and killing embassadors. let president's record on foreign policy is awful n zip, he said it's going to be a new day. based on the personalty and charisma, that things would be different in the world. he go beak to ronald reagan -- back to ronald reagan. peace through strength. when the joint chiefs of staff say the greatest threat to security is our debt and the president added $5 trillion to our national dead, the president has weakened our country. >> tomorrow night both sides defend their records and challenge them 90 minutes. thank you very much for coming
10:38 am
in. >> thank you. keep it here for the latest on the libya investigation. at 3:00 and 10:00, you do not want to admit bret baier's special with the interview of the u.s. embassy site security team. moments ago we told you about a shooting in brookville, wisconsin as a salon. this is the first video we're getting. fox spoke with a manager across the street and she said a woman in the salon ran to the brookfield square mall. she said her father or stepfather was the shooter and several victims had been shot. this is the first video coming in. as soon as we get more details on the victims and what may have led to the shooting. we'll let you know. next, i sat down with the lead singer of creed to talk about his battle with depression and alcohol and how his faith is helping him rebuild.
10:39 am
he's got a new bill, sinner's creed, that interview is. cooing -- coming up next. to myr on may 18th, five days later, i had a massive heart attack. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story. actually... th way i could split my payments up into little bite-size chunks. i mean you feel me right? yeah. uh, sir... ah... [ male announcer ] shop now. and put it on layaway so you have more time to pay. walmart. gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no
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call or go online today. after all, when you're going the distance, it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. we're checking in on the campaign trail in iowa where the paul ryan is addressing a crowd. [ applause ] >> what we do know is that he's promising about a million successful small businesses get a big tax increase in january. we do know that that could cost 700,000 jobs. what we know is that one tax increase doesn't even pay for 10% of all spending increases he has planned. what we do know is that he has given us four budgets with a trillion dollar deaf set. we know if he got another term, we would blow past the
10:44 am
$16 trillion on to a $20 trillion debt. what we do know without a shred of doubt is that these young people on their parents' shoulders in this audience are being consigned to a generation of debt, to a diminished future, the likes we've never seen in this country before. what we do know is that it is within our own doing, the power of the democracy, the power of our ballots, to make sure that future does not occur by electing mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> you've been listening in to the campaign trail there. both the presidential contenders off the trail and prepping for tomorrow's debate. paul ryan has a couple more events today and we'll keep an eye on all that's happening. ahead of the debate we've been asking you what specific foreign policy topics dow want to hear about. jeremy wants to hear them
10:45 am
address national monitors at american polling stations. that's true. he says its absurd. david wants to hear the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth on libya. thank you for the tweets. follow us on twitter a@anhq and we'll pick a random follower and send fox news goodies. >> there was a break today. governor romney found time for fun. new video of him officiating a coin toss in a flag football matchup between his campaign staff and the press following him. carl cameron tells us ann romney played and threw a sweet spiral and the game was a tie. >> we've got breaking news we've been telling you about a plot in jordan apparently broken up associated to al-qaeda. we have new information right after the break.
10:46 am
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10:49 am
we want to update you on breaking news, our fox contact in jordan confirmed the jordanian government announced the arrest of at least 11 militants linked to al-qaeda planning a terror attack or multiple attacks in jordan.
10:50 am
they're considered to be linked to al-qaeda. they were reportedly planning attacks on western embassies, shopping malls and other areas where westerners would be gathered in amman. this reporting comes from state television in jordan. we're working to get additional forces confirming but the plan was to carry out public attacks, suicide bombings and assassinate foreign diplomats. >> both candidates have been singing praises of small businesses but a survey shows despite positive words small businesses haven't feeling good about the economy. brenda buttner has the details. >> the mood of small business owners is pessimistic. they won't likely work hard to hire more workers soon. that's the word from the hartford insurance group providing insurance to a million small businesses. one out of three are optimistic the economy will strengthen this year.
10:51 am
that fear about the future is keeping them from putting out help wanted signs. small businesses are not keen on hiring. nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they didn't add any workers this past year and 70% do not plan to hire in the next 12 months. more than half are trying to keep their current sales and employees. what are the top three reasons small business owners give for the lackluster look? the biggest concern, slow economic growth, taxes and uncertainty of red tape and regulations. three out of four expect tear taxes to go up and they'll make it up by not hiring. 38% have to slash staff. all this does not bode well for the labor market. the small business administration says small business owners are responsible for creating more than half of new positions. we'll see this it translates into the unemployment rate out four days before the presidential election. that's when the october jobs
10:52 am
report comes out. sure to be at much a political number as an economic one. nobody knows that better than you, shannon. back to you. >> thank you so much. next, my interview with rock front man, scott stapp, from creed. why he credits god for turning his life around. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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we're getting more information from a shooting in brookfield, wisconsin at a salon
10:56 am
a woman apparently ran from the salon to a mall nearby and said there had been a shooting. they identified the shooter as her father or stepfather according to reports. we understand several people were shot. we don't know details about the injuries. this is bookfield, wisconsin. these are pictures of the scene. multiple people who are being treated. we don't know yet the extent of their injuries. we will keep you updated as soon as we know a little bit more. we understand there's going to be a briefing and as soon as we get information from police there, we'll let you know. we're stopping a moment to check in with local coverage to see if there's anything new. we will get back to that innocence we have more. his song writing sky rocked creed to multiple platinum albums but suffered with problems of his own. >> that's been the key to my recovery is reconnecting with
10:57 am
the god of love. i was raised to believe in a god of fear and that was my struggle. so i ran from that fear. i cared that fear for the rest of my life. so coming back to that faith and spirituality with a fresh perspective and foundation has been key to keeping me moving forward. >> when of the key stories you share in the book is about a low point you reached. you had actually been at a hotel, you hurt yourself. going over a balcony and laid for hours waiting for someone to help you. it's miraculous what happened at that point. >> yeah. thank goodness i was discovered after 2.5 hours of crying out and i should have died on that ledge. that day, ti checked in off the street and found me and got me to safety. >> you had worked together in the past. >> we had met over the passion of the christ project, which he
10:58 am
had some other commitments. but we briefly met and discussed football and various things, so just a brief encounter a couple years earlier, aided the situation then but it seemed to sayretyous. >> it is, almost unbelievable except that it actually happened. what was it -- the success that you had in the band and the band had together some people say was overnight. you came together in tall ahasy and became one of the fastest bestselling bands in history. was it tough to process that? by all accounts it went worldwide. >> right, i absolutely didn't have the roots to handle the success. and being in -- having that the whirlwind happened, of course i couldn't process it. as i talk about in the book, i had depression issues which i
10:59 am
didn't understand and i sought to treat those myself with alcohol and drugs. it was just a spiral and i'm just glad to be able to share that now and how i got out and my wonderful wife, and her family, who has just been an angel in my life and helped get me through. >> our full interview with scott stapp will be on line. it's an extended interview you won't want to miss. that's it for us here in washington. a lot of breaking news going on. we'll keep on there. there's a shooting in brookfield, wisconsin. there are several victims a shooting at a salon. as soon as we know more, fox will update you on that. we expect more information from police, a briefing soon and in addition, news out of jordan where the government and state television reports they broke up a plot involving a group connected to al-qaeda. both of these breaking stories.

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